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Create, test and optimize Option Trading Strategies using MesoSim, our innovative backtesting offering.

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Option Strategy Backtesting

MesoSim is an automated backtester that enables the user to define and run simulations of complex option trading strategies with high accuracy.

ML Indicators

Leverage Machine Learning techniques to improve traditional indicators. Overfitting risk is minimized with Monte Carlo Permutation Tests (MCPT).

Forward Testing

Run your strategies on live data, and get notified about the results at a set time. Helps you decide whether you want to execute or adjust your plan.

About Us

From the creators of zipline-live, KinesisCI and Kubestone

After spending months full-time studying and testing options trading strategies, we’ve decided to create a tool we wished we had when the journey started.
The team leverages their experience building and maintaining highly scalable software solutions and architectures and combines it with a decade-long obsession with trading and automated trading systems.
We are excited to introduce our first product, and hope that you find it as useful as we do!

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